Applied Program Support (APS) Administered Within CARD

An Internal Funding Mechanism for Applied R&D Projects Administered Within CARD

1. Background and Motivation

Policy on Internal Consulting

Last revised on 6 December 2011

Per the University’s Outside Employment and Extra Compensation Policy for the Norman Campus (Section 5.7 in Faculty Handbook), certain faculty members and professional staff may engage in professional activities (e.g., teaching, consulting) for extra remuneration (from within the University, or from outside sources, or in any combination of the two) up to a maximum of 25% of their full-time professional effort. Read more »

CARD Decision Matrix for Engagement

Last updated 15 January 2012

The University of Oklahoma Center for Applied Research and Development (CARD) was created as part of an initiative to strengthen and expand OU’s work in the applied research and development areas. CARD is unique in that it enables OU to provide access to the entire portfolio of Norman campus research capabilities and resources under a single organization and with a single organizational interface. CARD works with industry as well as federal mission agencies to solve specific industry and mission problems using OU’s highly-qualified pool of researchers and experts.  Read more »

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