As one of the premier weather institutions in the world, OU has vast expertise for applied R&D in weather.  Extensive research is ongoing in these areas:

  • Weather Radar (dual-polarization, phased-array, spaced-antennas, digital signal processing, digital receivers, mobile radars, S/C/X/K/L band, conformal antennas, digital beamforming, rapid prototyping, SAR, multistatic, target recognition, packaging, RF component design, decision support systems)
  • Fine-Scale Atmospheric Prediction (advanced data assimilation with emphasis on radar, numerical techniques, ensemble forecasting, forecast system design, real-time testing and evaluation)
  • Integrative Social Sciences (behavioral response under stress, risk messaging and communication, trust and verification, crisis management)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (small platform design, flight testing, sense and avoid, target recognition and discrimination, atmospheric sampling)
  • Surface Observing Networks (needs assessment and system design, multi-sensor integration, communications, calibration, data quality control, decision support systems)
  • Space-Based Environmental Observation (agricultural assessment, disease propagation, water availability, pest and disease assessment, Carbon monitoring, feedstock forecasting)